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If Only I Were an Indian...  A film by John Paskievich. VHS cassette. National Film Board of Canada. 1997. 80 minutes. 


This video depicts a group of Czechs and Slovaks who have set up an "Indian" community.  This group wear traditional clothing and living in tipis and have chosen to adopt the traditional cultures of nineteenth century North American Native Indians.  Three First Nations people from Canada witness their community as invited guests and stay to help judge a competition powwow.




Dancing with a Ghost: Exploring Indian Reality.  Rupert Ross.  Reed Books Canada. 1992. ISBN 0-409-90648-4


Chapter three is called 'The Rules of Traditional Times' and is an overview of principles, rules or ethics, considered to be generally 'Native'.  These are paraphrased from a Mohawk  psychiatrist, Dr. Clare Brant.  These rules were meant to help explain the conflict that can arise between Native and non-Native worldviews (in terms of law, education, the family, etc).  These rules include 'The Ethic of Non-Interference' and 'The Ethic that Anger Not be Shown'



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