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Little River Band of Ottawa - Anishinaabemowin. Listen to the pronunciation of the Medicine Wheel terms in Ojibwe, games, and other cultural resources.

NASA - Excellent site designed specifically for young children, with sound and movement for demonstrating earth’s orbit

Also part of NASA’s child-centred activities on the solar system

Enchanted Learning - a variety of software for the teaching of various subjects including the solar system and seasons

Gander’s Academy - various options for students of different ages to study the solar system

Oswego City School District Website - various options for students to study astronomy

Ms. Mitchell's Virtual School - web links for students and teachers for the study of the seasons

Royal Alberta Museum - comprehensive explanation of the history of Medicine Wheels on the prairies

Virtual Saskatchewan - photos of Medicine Wheels with accompanying explanations 

First Nations Legacy on the Rouge - A clear drawing of the formation of stones and the sequence of their placement to make a Medicine Wheel on the ground 

Lennox Island Learning Centre - descriptions of the spiritual significance of tobacco, sage, cedar and sweet grass

Whatcom Community College - Four flash movies based on Vivaldi’s concerto, Four Seasons



Little Medicine: The Wisdom to Avoid Big Medicine (973662), 51 minutes, Produced by OMEGA, Distributed through Toronto District School Board Media Resources. How did Native Americans and pioneers avoid "big medicine"? They practiced "little medicine", all the little things you should do to avoid injury and disease. Discover...plants used to repel bears and snakes and plants that repel disease carrying mosquitoes and flies. Organic, natural garden sprays from wild plants. How to eradicate lice with a treatment for baldness. Plants used to treat bites, stings and envenomations. Herbal wound treatments, antiseptics and antibiotics. Nutrient rich dog food made from wild plants. Kombucha, primal medicine, performing miracles today. Ancient foods: heart medicine and cancer inhibitors. Herbal News Network: health tips you can use today. With Jim Meuninck. Appropriate for Senior Grades.


Johnson, Basil (1982). Ojibwe Ceremonies Toronto: McClelland & Stewart Ltd. ISBN: 0-7710-4445-3 

This book gives an overview of ceremonies such as the Naming Ceremony, the Drum Ceremony and Vision Quest and the Marriage Ceremony

Johnson, Basil (976). Ojibwe Heritage Toronto: McClelland and Stewart Ltd. ISBN: 0-7710-4442-9 

Johnson describes the Ojibwe stories of Creation and Re-creation as well as the stories of the character called Nanabush.


Bebamikawe, Isadore Toulouse (1995). Kidwenan: An Ojibwe Language Book Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Peace Tree Printing ISBN: 1-896027-16-4

This resource includes an audio cassette of simple Ojibwe/Odawa phrases, nouns and verbs. There is an accompanying booklet highlighting action verbs, numbers, parts of the body places, weather and greetings.



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