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Transcripts for Four Directions

Four Directions Teachings celebrates Indigenous oral traditions by honoring the process of listening with intent as each elder or traditional teacher shares a teaching from their perspective on the richness and value of cultural traditions from their nation.

In honor of the timelessness of Indigenous oral traditions, audio narration is provided throughout the site, complimented by beautifully animated visuals. In addition, the site provides free curriculum packages for grades 1 to 12 to further explore the vast richness of knowledge and cultural philosophy that is introduced within each teaching. The curriculum is provided in downloadable PDF and can also be read online through the Teacher’s Resources link.

The elders and traditional teachers who have shared a teaching on this site were approached through a National Advisory Committee of Indigenous people concerned with the protection and promotion of Indigenous knowledge. This committee was formed directly for the purposes of this website to ensure a community based approach that was respectful and accountable.

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Turtle holding all the Nations

Trancripts for the teachings found on the site can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

  • Blackfoot - Dr. Reg Crowshoe and Geoff Crow Eagle: HTML | PDF
  • Cree - Mary Lee: HTML | PDF
  • Ojibwe - Lillian Pitawanakwat: HTML | PDF
  • Mohawk - Tom Porter: HTML | PDF
  • Mi'kmaq - Stephen Augustine: HTML | PDF

All Narration (MP3 Format): Listen to the Audio

Our Teacher's Resource Guide can be viewed by clicking here

To read the PDF Format files you will need Acrobat Reader: